Was this Advertising Week’s first protest?

Apprenticelogo_1This morning we missed what may have been Advertising Week’s first-ever protest, which was held this morning down at New York University. The event, staged by the Writers Guild of America, aimed to "call attention to the widespread use of product integration in television, and to protest [writers] exclusion from an advertising industry conference where top entertainment and advertising executives will be meeting to discuss this trend," according to an email sent to the office yesterday. That part, frankly, sounds kinda boring—not as exciting as watching the Pillsbury Doughboy struggle not to do a back flip out of his convertible during yesterday’s icon parade. Fortunately, the Guild had hired the comedy troupe Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theater to do a little street theater—by parodying reality TV shows such as The Apprentice. Since those shows are self-parody all by themselves, it would have been interesting to see if such a thing was possible to pull off. Unfortunately, we were left standing vigil by the TV watching The Today Show, on pins and needles while waiting for Katie or Matt to announce who America’s Favorite Ad Icon is.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor