Warm up with these old London Tube ads

Warmandbright_2 Subways are often dank, miserable places. But the great thing about the London Underground is that it’s lovely and warm compared to the dank and miserable scene above ground. The poster shown here, from 1924, is one of 10 vintage Tube ads being highlighted by Media Circus, which combed through the Underground’s now-public image archive and found some gems. Riffing on the same theme, a 1926 poster says the Tube “keeps London’s heart aglow.” There’s another one from 1926 that imagines London in 2026, its skies crowded with flying machines, and the subway presumably obsolete. These posters beat most of what NYC puts up in its subways, like those lost-and-found ads that wonder if you’ve left your cobra or prosthetic leg on the train.

—Posted by Tim Nudd