War Child holiday gifts less awful than most

"Bad gifts can't save lives. War Child gifts actually do." That's the message of this spot-on Canadian campaign from ad agency John St. in Toronto. War Child presents are for those in extreme need in places like Afghanistan, Darfur and Ethiopia. They include bread ovens, sewing machines, classroom desks and, perhaps most poignantly, 10 chickens to provide eggs as the basis of continuous nourishment for small villages. Commercials wisely avoid overwrought emotional appeals in favor of broad humor. The dude in "Heimlich," below, delivers the most awesomely over-the-top choking-on-food performance ever seen in an ad, while "Holiday Mishap" (after the jump) delivers the spine-jarring goods as a woman hanging holiday decorations tumbles from a ladder. In each case, bad presents save the day. The musical kitty pillow playing a "Meow meow meow" version of "Jingle Bells" is particularly heinous. That's what I gave Fred from accounting at AdFreak's Secret Santa bash this year. Serves him right, after the 10 chickens he gave me last year.