The Walking Dumb: A 'Dumb Ways to Die' Parody With Zombies

'Be safe around humans'

Zombies have been done to death. But that didn't deter Teddie Films and the crew from Utah's Rocky Point Haunted House from creating an undead-themed parody of McCann Australia's much-praised "Dumb Ways to Die" train-safety PSA. The animated spot's infectiously dark-humored musical safety message is re-animated as a primer for keeping Walking Dead-style zombies on the move amid the many hazards they face when looking to feast on the flesh of the living. The recently risen are warned: "Only travel in a herd/By yourself is not preferred … Take a hit right to the head/It's the only thing that makes you dead." OK, the lyrics don't approach the jolly death-rhymes of the real PSA, and the concept's a stretch. Even so, the gory visuals are great fun, and I admire the overall verve of the production. Lampooning the uber-popular original (33 million YouTube views!) took guts. And braaaains. But mostly guts.