'Walking Dead' Billboard Unwelcome Next to Funeral Home

Clear Channel has been forced to apologize after placing a billboard for The Walking Dead right next to a funeral home in England. As is often the case with these types of stories (particularly ones from the U.K.), the quotes from people on the street are the best part. Susan Jones, a resident of a nearby hospice and thus apparently an expert on death, says: "There must be somewhere else they could put it that would have shown a degree of insight and sensitivity. … Emotions can be pretty raw when people are recently bereaved. Words like 'death' and 'dead' can be very difficult." (Imagine what the word undead does to a person!) Jones goes on: "If you encounter this just as you are going to the funeral service to make arrangements for a loved one, it could be upsetting. People of a certain age group could find it particularly challenging." A local councilor was also asked about it. He replied, stoically: "Some will be amused, others may be offended. It left me unmoved." Meanwhile, a spokesman for the funeral home called the whole thing "disappointing," and Clear Channel said it regrets the "unfortunate juxtaposition" and removed the ad right away.