Wal-Mart walks the Fashion Week catwalk

Wal_mart_fashion1Is it safe to say Wal-Mart has taken this fashion thing way too far? Wal-Mart is a great place to go buy a pet fish, a chainsaw and cream that makes it easier to hand-milk your cow, but generally, Wal-Mart is not the same place women run to for the latest fashions. Yet the mega-retailer  is undeterred. According to this story, Wal-Mart is jumping in to New York City’s Fashion Week by hosting a fashion show from Times Square tonight. Some of the models will be from (what else?) reality TV show America’s Next Top Model, an unintentionally hilarious program that features Tyra Banks ripping in to contestants about their uneven eyeliner and makes women cat-walk in high heels two sizes too small to see how they handle the pressure. But getting back to  Wal-Mart, it was weird and surreal enough when the megastore bought an advertising spread in the September issue of Vogue. But now this? Wal-Mart says it is trying to compete with the cheap-chic image of Target, the home of Isaac Mizrahi and Liz Lange maternity.

—Posted by Celeste Ward