Wal-Mart’s pharmacy ads are far out, man

Whoa, dude. Wal-Mart’s got the hook-up! At least, that’s the message wags might infer from a pair of Bernstein-Rein spots supporting the retail giant’s pharmacies. One ad’s imagery (different types of pills morphing into flowers and playground equipment, shown here) is downright trippy. There’s even a suggestion of time distortion, with a woman’s voice informing us, “When I pick up my family’s prescriptions at Wal-Mart, I’m picking up a few extra minutes in my day.” Cooool. If that weren’t enough, a second spot shows seniors enjoying golf and such while inside giant animated pills. Even the tagline, “So go ahead, script your life,” sounds like something Grace Slick would have snarled in her heyday. At age 66, Grace falls into the senior demographic. Bummer.

—Posted by David Gianatasio