Wacky street names win contest, if not high home prices

What are the odds of a driver finding fahrvergnugen on Farfrompoopin Road? Would you worry about your neighbors on a street called Psycho Path? Can your marriage be saved if you live on Divorce Court? The byways were some of the zingers submitted to thecarconnection.com’s “Wild, Weird and Wacky Street Names Contest,” sponsored by Mitsubishi. One suspects the Burger King must reside on Haviturway. The roads Stroke and Acoma intersect at a retirement village in Florida. Picking up the theme, the BBC Web site asked readers to submit photos of other strangely named streets such as Lois Lane in Chilliwack, Canada, Ragged Ass Lane in Yellowknife and the conjunction of Normal and High Streets in Kirksville, Mo. While we couldn’t find this place called Lonely Street, we did discover that Lonesome Road and Hardup Road converge in  Albany, Ga.

—Posted by Richard Williamson