Our Freakiest Ads of the Year feature was so damn enjoyable that we're starting a monthly version. Each month, we'll present our picks for the freakiest ads of the previous month, and put them to a vote. Here are our 10 contenders for January. Vote for your favorite at the bottom of the list.

ALS Association, Florida chapter | "Stealing Pieces"

This PSA cast ALS sufferers as mannequins who are taken apart piece by piece and boxed away in crates, never to be heard from again. [Read more]

Australia skin-cancer awareness |
"It's a Beautiful Day for Cancer"

This music-video PSA featured a giant, disgusting, red, swollen, rapping cancerous lesion. Yum. [Read more]

Australian Writers and Art Directors Association |
"The Importance of Awards in Advertising"

This weird self-promotion video for an ad trade group promised lots of underground gay sex to the winners of advertising awards. [Read more]

Coca-Cola | "Library"

Open happiness, or just open a vein. [Read more]

Durex | "Balloon Animals"

This condom ad presented lots of squeaky balloon-animal sex. [Read more]

Lactacyd | "Protect Yourself"

What, you didn't want to see an ad for vaginal cream shot from the POV of the vagina itself? Sure you did. [Read more]

Lustgarten Foundation | "Dan's Pancreatic Cancer"

Pancreatic cancer lurked in the back seat of this grim murder-themed PSA. [Read more]

Microsoft | "Songsmith"

Possibly the worst infomercial ever made. Also possibly the best infomercial ever made. [Read more]

Ray-Ban | "Cow gives birth to a dude"

Believable, no. Disgusting? Yeah. [Read more]

U.K. Department for Transport | "Tales of the Road"

Animation is always better when it stars injured children. [Read more]