Von Miller Stays Goofily Unpredictable in W+K’s New Ads for Old Spice

Broncos charmer is still unforsweatable

Von Miller is so delicate, he uses Old Spice’s gentle-on-the-skin “Invisible Spray” to fight his body odor, instead of running a power sander over his armpits.

So goes the absurd premise of a new ad starring the Denver Broncos powerhouse linebacker, who, in real life, is known for forcefully tackling his opponents. Part of a new campaign from Wieden + Kennedy for the Procter & Gamble soap and deodorant brand, it’s set on the sidelines of a football field, features some perplexed coaches, and an equally silly twist ending.

A second new ad plays on Miller’s many talents, which famously include chicken farming, and apparently, professional-grade surrealist film production. A trip through a glowing desert landscape sees him hatch out of some kind of alien egg, crusted in dust.

After staggering toward a monolithic bottle of Old Spice body wash, and touching it, he is enveloped by lightning, as the crud falls from his body. Cut to a locker room full of his teammates. Enraptured, they burst into applause.

Both spots are solid additions to the brand’s “Stay Unforsweatable” campaign, which Miller launched as the brand’s new spokesman last year. That saw him fighting his way down the gridiron with a beehive wrapped around his hand and a game of limbo set up in his path—because the game just wasn’t hard enough without some new obstacles.

Compared to some of the brand’s historically high-energy work, the new ads are relatively subtle—like the earlier commercials starring Miller, more tailored to his understated charm (as opposed to say, Isaiah Mustafa conjuring fistfuls of diamonds or a zany Terry Crews bursting through a wall). Still, escalating dashes of randomness keeps them feeling amusingly clever, and entertaining enough.

The execs at Old Spice, for their part, are so enthused about Miller that they are putting Miller’s face on limited-edition versions of the “Pure Sport Plus” scent from their NFL Hardest Working collection—the first time the brand has altered its packaging as part of its partnership with the football league.

Miller, meanwhile, describes that honor as “pretty unreal,” and says, “I hope that fans stay unforsweatable with me under their armpits.”

To be fair, it’d be pretty hard for anyone to not get a little flustered by Von Miller being in their armpits.

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