Volvo Tells Millennials They Can Ride in a Volvo Again, This Time Facing Forward

But first, let's go back in time

Hey, millennials, 20 years ago you might've been riding in the third row of a Volvo station wagon, staring out the back window and maybe trying to stave off the slight nausea that can accompany your body's sense that it is hurtling in the wrong direction through space.

If you were, Volvo and Seattle creative studio World Famous would like to point out to you that you're now old enough to buy a Volvo of your own, and drive it forward through space on outdoorsy adventures with your pals.

Isn't it fun to grow up?

This is a nice spot that seems likely to resonate with viewers in the target—based on the entirely anecdotal evidence that I, a twentysomething who grew up in one of those white refrigerators on wheels, find it manipulating me into feeling nostalgic … even though I can tell, rationally, that the forward-and-backward metaphor is advertising pseudo-philosophy.

In the true version of the story, the millennial probably buys the vintage version of the car and pimps it out with 22-inch chrome spinners with blue lights, then leaves it in a heap on the lawn, because the millennial doesn't know oil changes are actually important.

Credits below.


Client: Volvo

Production Company: World Famous

Director, Writer: Jesse Harris

Executive Producer: Megan Ball

Head of Production: Nick Hegge

Producer: Kyle Seago

Editor: Nick Pezzillo

Director of Photography: T.J. Williams Jr.

Color: Lightpress

Sound Mix: Clatter&Din

A co-production of National Film Festival for Talented Youth