Volkswagen's Winter Offer Lasts Until Hibernating Bear Wakes Up

Another natural wonder by DDB Stockholm

DDB Stockholm always comes up with fun ways to promote winter offers from Volkswagen. Last year, it advertised the Passat 4Motion with a billboard placed directly on a lake of ice. The offer lasted until the ice melted and the billboard sank. This year's effort was more bearish. The agency somehow finagled an actual bear, trained a webcam on him, and offered a special deal on a Tiguan 4Motion until the bear woke up. ("A winter adjusted offer for a winter adjusted car," read the Web copy.) The bear's hideaway was streamed online. It's funny to see him all cozy and rolling around in there. A contest also offered prizes to the person who most closely guessed the time when the bear would wake up. The grand prize was not the bear.