Volkswagen keeps your crazy dreams at bay

In a week of fantastical commercials, I figured Kia's furnished-forest spot would be the ultimate driver dreamscape. Not even close. The prize goes to Volkswagen and DDB Berlin for a pair of hallucinatory ads that fuse wordplay and playful (but mildly unsettling) imagery to illustrate the car's Lane Assist feature, which wakes you up by "vibrating when you drift off." In one spot, a giant fox gives instructions to a foxy babe. In the second (after the jump), a guy in a bear suit pounds hard with a jackhammer. Nothing Freudian there. Mercedes did something similar last year for its own Attention Assist feature in a spot from Jung Von Matt that showed a driver giving a bunch of dream monsters the boot. Those Germans, they certainly have nutty dreams. I'm currently having this unsettling dream myself that I'm working for AdFreak. It's only a dream, it's only a dream. Oh lord, when does Lane Assist kick in?!

—Posted by David Gianatasio