Volkswagen Is a Dog’s Best Friend in Tribal DDB Spot

Imitation is flattery for this pooch

See Spot run. And bark, growl, yelp and whine. This Volkswagen Golf commercial by Tribal DDB Amsterdam stars a perky pooch that makes all kinds of car sounds while out for a walk with its owner. At the 25-second mark, as the pooch squeals and backs up toward the woman, I thought the little devil was going to befoul her shoes. He doesn't. Too bad. "You don't need to drive a Volkswagen to be impressed," the ad says. I don't, and I'm not. Look, the terrier's cute, but ultimately its snarling and yapping gets tiresome. Time for a trip to obedience school. Or maybe its owner can trade in the noisy beast for a nice, quiet hamster. Still, the Dutch ad is more pleasing than "Get Happy," the automaker's upcoming Jamaican-flavored Super Bowl spot, which some wags have dismissed as a real, well, you know—woof woof, mon.