‘Visit Nice,’ Says Nebraska in America’s Most Humble Tourism Ads

Less about attractions, more about a state of mind

Not every state has a Disney World, a National Mall or a Times Square. So, how do you attract visitors if you don't have something astounding, amazing or awe-inspiring to show them? How about something … nice?

Nebraska has been doing that lately with perhaps the country's most unassuming tourism ad campaign, featuring the tagline "Visit Nebraska. Visit Nice."

"When you visit Nebraska, it's less about the attractions and the jam-packed vacation agenda of things to see and do. It's more about the simple, spontaneous, nice moments you enjoy with the ones you love," says Omaha ad agency Bailey Lauerman.

In other words, visiting Nebraska isn't about getting amped up; it's about slowing down. And the ads embody that. The TV spots feature slow-motion footage of people enjoying quiet landscapes, and the print ads have long copy—you have to slow down to read them.

The idea of "Visit Nice" seemed perhaps too humble to some Nebraskans when the campaign launched last year. But it seems to be growing on people. With gorgeous photography by Andy Anderson, the print ads in particular are eye-catching—they won Best of Show at the Nebraska Addys this year.

Check out more of the work below.


Client: Nebraska Tourism Commission

Executive Director: Kathy McKillip

Agency: Bailey Lauerman

Chief Creative Officer: Carter Weitz

Associate Creative Director: Ron Sack

Senior Copywriter: Nick Main

Account Executive: Rich Claussen

Brand Managers: Matt Emodi, Kelsey Dempsey

Designer: Andrea Trew

Agency Producer: Sally Mars

Media: Sandra Cranny, Sierra Frauen

Director of Research: Diane Kraijcek

Production Manager: Gayle Adams

Senior Art Director: Jim Buhrman Jr.

Photographer: Andy Anderson

Digital Retouch: Michael Perez, Joe McDermott

Broadcast Production Company: Drive-Thru, Minneapolis

Director: Patrick Pierson

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