Visa lauds men who prefer football to family

Never Miss a Super Bowl Club

With two weeks to go before Super Bowl XLV, expect Visa to ratchet up its "Go fans" campaign, in particular its celebration of those four awful men who have attended every single Super Bowl without fail. Visa has lauded the "Never Miss a Super Bowl Club" almost all season long in ads from TBWA\Chiat\Day. The four old dudes have spent untold amounts of money traveling to and attending the Super Bowl for the past 44 years. At this point in their lives, they should be taking stock of what they've done with their time on this planet. There's no hint of regret over their singular priority. The worst of these malformed men is the droll, self-proclaimed "Mr. Excitement," Larry Jacobson (below), who proudly claims to have missed weddings and babies being born in order to go to games in which his own favorite team was most likely not even playing. (Larry also thinks fans can "telepathically" steer a field-goal kick. Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs, that Larry.) You'd think he'd be chagrined about his behavior rather than bragging about it on TV. Larry's been taken to the woodshed over at YouTube, where commenters are hoping his funeral falls on Super Bowl Sunday, so his family can justify skipping it. Meet the other three morons after the jump.