Virgin Trains making travel sexy and cheesy

Don't let their name fool you. Virgin Trains could show the Chanel No. 5 people a thing or two about how to make a sexy train commercial. Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy created these two absurd, amusing spots for the U.K. market. See the tunnel bit in the "Booty Train" ad above? Hell, yeah. And as ridiculous as that spot is (it also includes a brief cameo by Richard Branson as a tattooed garbage collector with bad teeth), the cheese is laid on even thicker in the "Success Express" ad below. I hope that's the actual keyboardist from Europe (the band that did "The Final Countdown"), because if that's an actor, then more than one person on this planet looks and dresses like that. Besides, I'm sure Joey Tempest needs the exposure as much as Virgin does, if not more.

—Posted by David Kiefaber