Virgin Mobile’s Fake Celebrity Couple Are as Annoying as the Real Thing

Virgin Mobile has manufactured a celebrity couple consisting of two model-quality unknowns named Spencer Falls and Sarah Carroll. The pair, dubbed "Sparah," were given a mansion, new clothes, and everything they needed to be celebrities, including the all-important Virgin Mobile phone. Part satire of our obsession with celebrity culture and part hideous exacerbation of the same phenomenon, the campaign (or reality show, or whatever it is) suffers from the fact that it's impossible to tell exactly what it is. It's all courtesy of Mother, New York. You can see the reality-show episodes online. (They began in April but are ongoing.) In part one, Spencer can't get out of the pool with Sarah because he has a huge boner. Other clips feature styling tips from Nick Verreos and, of course, a cameo by Sir Richard Branson. In other words, you can watch them transform wide-eyed and innocent Spencer and Sarah into the same appalling creations of celebrity culture they mock in the ads. I can't wait for the breakup. All the episodes after the jump.