Virgin Mobile Hires Brad Pitt’s Brother Doug

Carrier offers 'celebrity deals at celebrity brother prices'

This is kind of amusing: Virgin Mobile Australia has centered a whole new ad campaign from Euro RSCG around Doug Pitt—an unknown dude who happens to be Brad Pitt's brother. The point is that Virgin's plans are a great deal for anyone, whether you're somebody or just a nobody like Doug. "Doug's just a regular guy," says copy on the website. "He washes his own car, pays his own bills, and does his own laundry. You see, unlike his famous bro, Doug's never been the star of anything. As believers in 'a fair go for all,' Virgin Mobile have decided to make things a little fairer in the Pitt family. Help a bro out and show Doug Pitt some 'Like'!" You feel bad for Doug in a way, but he seems totally on board and good humored enough about his role here. A photojournalist who's reportedly close to his brother, Doug has the Pitt face for sure—it's just a bit less hearthrobby, perhaps. "Everyone deserves the celebrity treatment. Even a celebrity's non-celebrity sibling," says further copy on the site. Elsewhere, the carrier claims to offer "celebrity deals at celebrity brother prices." The more famous Pitt has not commented on the campaign, but is surely lounging on some fancy beach as we speak, shaking his head, wishing he'd written Doug that check he asked for last month. Via The Inspiration Room.