Vinnie Jones Drops the F-Bomb, Dances Around the House for a German Mattress Brand

Muun's the word in ads by Amsterdam Berlin

This time around, Muun’s pitchman keeps his pants on.

As you might recall, Muun is the German mattress retailer that caused a stir with its 2016 campaign featuring Frank Künster, a hirsute, 300-pound bouncer who posed (more or less tastefully) nude to illustrate the tagline, “German Softness.”

For its latest campaign, “Choose Your Comfort,” the marketer casts former English soccer star, tough-guy actor and real-life bad boy Vinnie Jones in the 90-second spot below. Shot in the sumptuous, unconventional Los Angeles home of jet-setting NBA superfan James Goldstein, the ad touts Muun’s adjustable sleep system and opens with Jones clad only in boxer shorts, asserting his individuality.

“People always expect you to play by the rules,” says Jones, who portrayed thugs in two Guy Ritchie films and X-Men villain Juggernaut. “They want you to dress in a certain way. Behave in a certain way. Think in a certain way.” Alluding to his aggressive “hard-man” playing style, Jones trolls modern ballers for caring too much about their hair color and Instagram feeds.

He also drops the F-bomb (“Fuck the rules!”) and busts some retro moves all around the house:

Well, he doesn’t play by any established dance-floor rules, that’s for sure. Give that guy a red card and make him stop already!

“It doesn’t matter how you look, it doesn’t matter what your preferences are—we are not trying to dictate a particular way of living to you,” Muun managing director Vincent Brass tells AdFreak. “We want you to feel comfortable with yourself and your decisions, which is exactly why we make products that adjust to you—rather than the other way around.”

Ultimately, the juxtaposition of Jones’ tough talk and flaky footwork grabs our attention, and the notion that Muun caters to a clientele who believe comfort cannot be standardized comes through loud and clear.

Mortiz Grub, creative director at Amsterdam Berlin, which developed the campaign, reports that Jones lived up to his reputation on set.

“I tried to organize [house owner] Jim Goldstein’s private recipes, notes and countless papers that were neatly stacked on his nightstand out of the last shot,” he recalls. “Vinnie suddenly stood next to me in his boxers, [uttered] a sharp ‘Oh for fuck’s sake, mate,’ and all of Jim Goldstein’s private papers where shoved out of the shot and into a giant pile along with some change and a pack of chewing gum.”

Actually, that’s fairly polite behavior by Jones’ standards. (Never sit next to that flake on a plane.)

At least two more installments in this particular ad series, dubbed “None Fits All,” are on tap. Jinkx Monsoon, winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race last year and an LGBTQ icon, gets comfortable in the next spot dropping soon.

Agency: Amsterdam Berlin
Production: Amsterdam Berlin
Post Production: BWGTBLD
Music: Youguys Music Berlin, Parasol Island / Jonathan Wulfes
Color Grading. Stefan King Color Grading

Director: Moritz Grub
Dop: Max Pittner
1st Ac: Rouven Schardt
Producer: Anna Alexander
Editor: Raquel Caro Nunez

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