Video From Angelina Jolie’s Louis Vuitton Shoot Is Caked in Makeup

Guess what? Even when an A-list celebrity supposedly shows up "au natural" for an ad campaign, he or she may still be wearing heavy makeup. Shocker! It took the eagle-eyed fashion press all of 36 seconds to figure out that Angelina Jolie's "real moment" in Louis Vuitton's new print ad had been slathered in gloss, shadow and liner. The discovery came when Vuitton released the short making-of video below, with close-ups revealing that Jolie clearly benefitted from blush and foundation on her sojourn to Cambodia with her "elegantly weathered monogrammed Alto bag." This after a Vuitton executive went to some lengths to talk about how unstyled Jolie was in the Annie Leibovitz shot. (She's barefoot, but who really cares?) As AdFreak already pointed out, there was nothing natural about the ad in the first place. Why make such a big (misguided) deal about the makeup? The energy would've been better spent using a beautiful subject to a more interesting end.