Given One Final Wish, Make It M&Ms

Also, see spots from Harvey Nichols and Coke Zero

While much of the candy category has veered toward weirdness in its advertising (looking at you, Skittles and Starburst), M&M's has stayed on the straight and narrow—producing some of the most consistently funny advertising with its adorable M&M characters. This year was no different, as BBDO broke a host of new M&M spots—one of the most memorable being "Wish," newly posted to, in which a guy stranded on a desert island somewhat inadvisably requests the candies as his final wish. It's not quite as great as the famous "Are you licking yourself?" spot, but it's solid. Also new this week on the TBS site: a Harvey Nichols spot about dog-handbags, and the Coke Zero spot from earlier this year about the guy who's never satisfied. See all the spots at

     Programming note: Also, check out TBS's Funniest Commercials of 2011 show, airing this coming Wednesday, Dec. 14, at 10/9c. The program, hosted once again by Old Spice guy Isaiah Mustafa, will feature a load of hilarious ads, as well as selections from AdFreak's own list of the 30 Freakiest Ads of 2011.