Verizon's Star Wars Fan Family Puts Other Halloween Costumes to Shame

Jabba dad, Death Star daughter and more

There's a lot for Star Wars fans to love—and for nerdy parents to envy—in this new Halloween-themed spot from mcgarrybowen for Verizon. The highlight is definitely the eccentric costume selection, proving this family is more than your average Star Wars-crazed clan. Dad is nearly devoured by his Jabba the Hutt costume. Their youngest is strapped to dad's corpulent form, kitted out in the smallest, most adorable slave Leia outfit ever designed (let's not think too hard about the implications there). Mom has chosen a deluxe Chewbacca, because she’s not the sort of woman confined by gender norms. Her daughter, likewise, thwarts convention and goes as a walking Death Star. Her brother looks ready to destroy his sister in his rebel pilot outfit complete with X-wing. Even the family dog is dressed up as Darth Vader. There’s some poor timing on the punch line, but the joke still makes it. Still, there are so many Star Wars-related misses in the dialogue. Why doesn't the young boy suggest the dentist's house is a trap? Why not have the teenage daughter suggest they all look about as scruffy as nerfherders? Then again, I guess if the dialogue were good, it wouldn’t be Star Wars.