A Ventriloquist Betrays His Dummy in One of the Strangest Haircut Commercials Ever

Breaking couples up since 1982

Whether you're cleaning up your current look, trying something new or betraying your ventriloquist dummy, a Great Clips haircut is a step in the right direction. That third point is the subject of the brand's bizarre "Benny & Lenny" ad, directed by The Perlorian Brothers for Minneapolis agency Periscope. 

The ad follows a ventriloquist dummy through the city streets as he looks for his puppeteer, only to find him at a Great Clips, getting his '80s-era Weird Al afro trimmed down to a more uniform hairstyle. The mood probably should have been that of a lighthearted misunderstanding, but instead it's a surreal and uncomfortable exposure of infidelity. 

However, since we like things that are sad and weird, we applaud this bold artistic choice. It's not a tone we generally associate with Great Clips, and who knows what it will do for (or to) their brand, but whatever. It feels like a genuine attempt to try something new, and we can always use more of that. 

Not to mention, Lenny's reaction isn't uncommon upon seeing a Great Clips haircut. 

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