Is that a venti skim latté, or are you just happy to see me?

Yahoostarbucks2_1As Beyond Madison Avenue reports, Yahoo! Personals is teaming up with Starbucks for an initiative called Espresso Dating, which promises to offer the best in overcaffeinated dating experiences, bitterness not included. There’s a humorous section on the site called “The Drink Says It All,” which predicts people’s personality types according to their Starbucks menu choices. Be warned: If they order a Chai tea latté, chances are they’ll want to have at least one date “at a local animal shelter.” There’s also a list of “Fresh Dating Ideas,” which include “bowling for romance,” “rummaging around” (whatever that means) and “walking the dog” (not to be taken euphemistically). They’re offering $10 Starbucks gift cards just for signing up on Yahoo! Personals.

—Posted by Tim Nudd