Using CGM to create your campaign so you don’t have to? Priceless.

PricelessIf three of something is a trend, what’s four … overkill? We’re asking because even though it’s late in the day, this new “Priceless” campaign from MasterCard, which asks people to create their own ending, is piquing even our pre-dinner, semi-somnolent interest. (It breaks on the Oscars.) Like the campaigns we wrote about yesterday, it contains a gimmick to keep people watching—in this case leaving the items for purchase and the priceless items in the commercials blank. (Thanks to Adrants for posting them on YouTube.) People can then go to the brand-spanking-new Web site“a weekly online guide to life’s upscale adventures” (the company’s words, not ours)and pretend to be a copywriter! Write their own ad! MasterCard’s favorite will air as an actual ad later in the year. Since people have long been writing “Priceless” ads without MasterCard’s approval, we have to admit, it’s a great idea to capitalize on it.

Posted by Catharine P. Taylor