USA now seeking real-life characters

Cable channel USA is extending its “Characters welcome” ad campaign with a social-networking site called Show Us Your Character. You can upload videos, photos and a profile, “share your hidden talent, a celebrity impersonation, or a revealing glimpse into your life,” and chat with other members. Of course, there are already hundreds of social-networking sites, from Friendster on down, so it’s kind of unclear how a new one built off an ad campaign will compete. (I didn’t have the stomach to create my own character, so I don’t really know.) Perhaps it’s meant to be temporary—one character will be voted the wackiest of them all and will be featured in on-air USA promos and “an exclusive Web series.” A video on the site salutes oddbodies everywhere. The tagline is, “Here’s to the characters,” which immediately marks this effort as a poor man’s version of Apple’s “Here’s to the crazy ones.” In any case, if you’re a big, beefy man and you carry an incongruous little dog in
your pocket, then you’re a real character, and this site is for you.  

—Posted by Tim Nudd

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