U.S. Map Shows the Best-Selling NFL Jersey Among Women in Each State

Andrew Luck is No. 1 overall, but there are some oddities

Despite the league's high-profile problems with domestic violence, millions of women nonetheless love the NFL. They make up some 46 percent of NFL fans, and they're a major target for apparel makers—both the NFL itself and sporting goods chains.

Now, Dick's Sporting Goods, which keeps a running tally on its website of the top NFL jerseys (based on store and online sales), turns its attention to women—with a map of the U.S. showing the best-selling jerseys among female buyers in each state.

Here is the map. Click to enlarge.

It would be a nice to have a men's map to compare, but there isn't one (yet). However, Dick's does have a few interesting data points to add:

• Three quarterbacks each claimed the top spot in four states—Russell Wilson of the Seahawks (Washington, New Mexico, Nevada, Idaho), Tom Brady of the Patriots (Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Wyoming) and Drew Brees of the Saints (Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Vermont).

• The top-selling female jersey overall is Colts QB Andrew Luck.

• Women aren't as hot on Johnny Manziel as guys are. The Cleveland Browns QB ranks No. 1 in Ohio, but he's only No. 13 among women nationwide (with around 2 percent of jersey sales) compared to No. 2 among men (with nearly 6 percent of sales).

• Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is No. 1 in Alaska but not in Texas.

• Cam Newton of the Carolina Pathers isn't on the map, but was the runner-up in North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama and Washington, D.C.

• Three rookies lead their respective states: Blake Bortles of the Jaguars in Florida, Sammy Watkins of the Bills in New York, and Manziel in Ohio.

• More women's jerseys were sold in Washington than any other state.

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