U.S. cities that most prize healthy living

Which American cities exude the healthiest aura? Cooking Light magazine has issued a top 20 list, based on criteria that range from the availability of organic cuisine to the locals’ propensity for exercise. (CNN.com posted the magazine’s write-up.) It’s unsurprising that outdoorsy, local-food-conscious cities like Seattle and Portland, Ore., are atop the list. But who’d have thought Milwaukee, with its beer-and-bratwurst image, would crack the top 10? (It’s No. 8.) Likewise Philadelphia (No. 9), with its cheese-steak sandwiches and doughy pretzels (and cream cheese!). One senses the magazine straining to fill out the list when it salutes Kansas City, at No. 20, for having “the purest water supply of any major city in the country.”

—Posted by Mark Dolliver