UPS’s ‘Whiteboard’ guy has a doppelganger

Andy Azula, the creative director at The Martin Agency who stars in the shop's ubiquitous "Whiteboard" ads for UPS, has an impersonator, courtesy of FedEx. The shipping companies are having some kind of tiff over a corporate tax break that UPS wants. FedEx is using the charged word "bailout" in an attack campaign (which has left the folks at Naked none too impressed). The centerpiece of the Brown Bailout site is a video explaining the arcane political maneuvering. It stars a marker-wielding guy in a button-down who bears a passing resemblance to Azula, only with the wet look for his floppy hair. There are a few ways of looking at this. One is that FedEx is acknowledging the cultural currency the "Whiteboard" ads have attained. The other is the spots have run their course, much like the "I'm a Mac" ads, which at this point feel like they've run my entire adult life. Over the last two years, we've seen Azula up at that board so many times that he's ripe for parody.

—Posted by Brian Morrissey