UPS guy detested by classic delivery people

It's tough to dislike a spot where Santa loses his cool and tries to climb a chain-link fence. Kris Kringle does just that in this new UPS/Nascar spot, attempting to scale the barrier barring him from a racetrack. It seems UPS is "the only delivery company trusted trackside by Nascar." So, various delivery icons—Santa, the Easter Bunny, a stork, a paperboy, a milkman and the messenger god Mercury (who's in FTD's longtime logo)—look on in awe. Frankly, these clowns look like average overzealous Nascar fans to me, drunk and dressed up for race day. Watch any race: Someone's always in a zany costume. Besides, does anyone under 40 know that milk used to be delivered? As print media falters, paperboys are getting scarce these days too. As for Mercury, well, who wouldn't recognize him? Unintended irony: UPS switched to Ogilvy last year, so The Martin Agency, which did this ad, is now on the outside looking in.

—Posted by David Gianatasio