Coke Drops Unsuspecting Moviegoers Into Sex Scene for Real-Time Ad

Clever way of keeping audiences quiet

What's more refreshing: A Coca-Cola, or a Coca-Cola ad poking fun at the brand's consumers?

To encourage moviegoers to stay quiet during a film, Saatchi Denmark filmed audience members milling around the lobby sipping soda through straws and pulling stupid faces, then quickly edited the footage into the background of a fake movie trailer. In the middle of the supposed preview, viewers suddenly saw themselves on the screen, ruining a perfectly cheesy sex scene with their odd expressions and obnoxious slurping sounds.

It's hard not to wonder if the stunt is staged, or if everybody who goes to the cinema in Copenhagen just happens to look like they could work at an ad agency. Regardless, the point—don't make yourself part of the movie by being a noisy jerk—holds up well enough, both in the case study and in a handful of related clips. The other spots, which you can watch after the jump, aren't real-time editing stunts, but they're still pretty amusing, especially when the young woman offers a perfectly smug deadpan, munching popcorn while she gets buried alive alongside a cop.

Of course, when it comes to customer-shaming ads that encourage considerate moviegoing, the gold standard will forever be Alamo Drafthouse's transcript of an ejected texter's irate voicemail. Because sometimes the truth is just too good to beat.

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