Unnerving PSA Portrays Smoking Moms as Murderous Psychopaths

Is it too much?

So … this is disturbing. In a new PSA from the Cancer Society of Finland, a mother-to-be prepares all sorts of extremely cringe-inducing ways for her baby to kill itself (or at least be grievously wounded).

The message, of course, is that smoking during pregnancy can turn a mother into "her baby's worst enemy." But can a spot like this really win hearts and minds while showing such unnerving and over-the-top images?

It reminds me of when torture-porn filmmakers like Hostel's Eli Roth defend their work as social commentary. It can be difficult to absorb a moral lesson when you're too busy wondering, "What kind of sick bastard even thinks up this stuff?"

Speaking of which, the spot is from Havas Worldwide Helsinki, the same people who brought us this horrifying perspective on drunken parenting.