Universal picks 25-year-old’s ‘Slither’ ad

A month ago, Universal Pictures challenged movie fans to create their own TV commercials for Slither, its upcoming slug-centric horror film. The results are in, and a 25-year-old Southern Californian named Chris Ell has won the contest with a spot titled “Chick Flick Payback.” “Remember the last movie she made you see?” says on-screen copy, as a romantic scene begins—then cuts off. “It’s payback time.” Then we get the Slither scenes, showing little red slugs crawling all over everything and a monster with a serious side-bite problem. It’s pretty amusing, although if this movie’s main selling point is that it’s not a romantic comedy, it may be in trouble. The spot aired nationally last night during NBC’s My Name Is Earl, and Ell won $25,000 for his efforts. Thanks to Movie Marketing Madness for the link.

—Posted by Tim Nudd