Unintended recipients are not your friends

To: AdFreak
From: David Gianatasio
Subject: AdFreak is soooooo lame!
  So, AdFreak wants me to write something on this new Sophos survey, in which 50 percent of people admit to having accidentally sent an embarrassing or sensitive e-mail to the wrong person from the workplace. You know what? They can stick it. They’re so lame over there. No insight or imagination whatsoever. Wouldn’t know a good idea for a blog post if it bit them on the ass. I couldn’t possibly spin this in an entertaining way. It doesn’t even make sense to me. Like I’d actually hit Send without making sure I knew where my e-mail was going. Right. I’d have to be a braying jackass to do that. And they’re all really ugly at AdFreak. They all look like the “Freak” logo. It’s true! By the way, I think you’re super hot, our bosses suck, and those corporate secrets we hacked were pretty shocking, huh? Hey, we still on for dinner and identity theft tonight?

—Posted by David Gianatasio