Unicorns Are a Bold New Power Source in This Epic British Utility Ad

Call it HD electricity

Unicorns. They make streetlights shine whiter, televisions brighter and food cook quicker, says a new ad from VCCP London for a U.K. energy provider. 

A herd of the mythical beasts gallops through stormy country into a seaside town, causing power surges in the faux-epic spot from marketer First Utility. "We call it HD electricity," says the voiceover.

Alas, in the end it's not even metaphor—just fantasy. "There's no such thing as HD electricity," continues the pitch, in the least surprising twist of all time. "It all does the same, so why pay more?"

Maybe so, but French media brand Canal+ might say such technology would easily have been feasible … if one of Noah's helpers hadn't made a priceless oversight. 

In other words, unicorns might have been one of 2015's creative advertising trends, but for better or worse, they're not over yet. At least this time they're not pooping rainbow soft-serve to the delight of a would-be Princess Bride extra. 

First Utility's selling point is a touch reminiscent of Geico's broad, humor-driven direct savings message. The concept hangs together well enough until the kicker, when the voiceover starts talking nonsense. Unicorns "can't wink," it says.

"The hell they can't!" you say. 

@GabrielBeltrone gabriel.beltrone@gmail.com Gabriel Beltrone is a frequent contributor to Adweek.