Unhappy? Become a hairdresser

Memo to unhappy ad execs: You might be better off chucking it all for beauty school. Fast Company’s blog points to a Happiness Index created by a British vocational-certification group called Cities & Guilds that tries to measure job satisfaction. The group surveyed over 1,200 workers, evenly split between “vocational” and “academic” professions. It turns out many more blue-collar types are happy at work, particularly hairdressers. Forty-percent of hairdressers said they were very happy with their jobs. In all, those working with their hands seem much happier than those staring at computers: 23 percent of cooks and 20 percent of plumbers, mechanics and builders said they were happy against just 5 percent of lawyers, 2 percent of architects and 8 percent of bankers. A fair number of DJs (13 percent happy) and fitness instructors (18 percent) were very pleased with their toil. Unsurprisingly, there appears very few overjoyed government workers (3 percent) and IT guys (5 percent). Ad agency folks didn’t make the list, so we can only guess where they would end up. The group has tips for sticking it out and getting happy on the job, such as be positive, put flowers out and “start the day with a natter or gossip.”

—Posted by Brian Morrissey