Unhappy After the Election? JetBlue Will Help You Leave the Country

Come back only if you want to

Are you one of those sore-loser jerks who threatens to "leave the country" if your favored presidential candidate doesn't win? I sure am. That's why I endorse JetBlue's "Election Protection" promotion. The airline is offering more than 1,000 round-trip overseas flights as prizes in the contest, created by ad agency Mullen, so you can get out of Dodge for a while when your guy loses. Of course, urging people to leave America is unpatriotic, so the brand hedges its bets by encouraging people to vote—in the November election, and in a poll on the site. You can choose Democrat or Republican. (Suck it, Libertarians!) There isn't really much point to voting on the site; JetBlue says you should do so because "we have prizes," which is essentially the same promise the real candidates make in their quest to win elections. I picked Barbados from the list of 21 possible destinations. (Suck it, Turks & Caicos!)