Unapologetic Fitness Mom Turns Her Polarizing Facebook Photos Into a Movement

Maria Kang brushes off critics

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When Maria Kang posted a picture of herself looking fit and trim while surrounded by her three young sons last year, she became a lightning rod for debate over realistic body images and "fat shaming."

But despite all the criticism it generated, Kang has remained unapologetic and even launched a site called NoExcuseMom.com. To raise awareness of the site, she once again created a Facebook image of herself, this time labeling different parts of her body with phrases like "works 8hr+ days" and "gave birth to sons in 2009, 2010 & 2011." 

The new photo generated more than 17,000 Likes and 1,200 comments, ranging from passionate praise to snide quips like, "Who watches your 3 kids as you work out?"

While Kang's physique is definitely the center of attention, it's worth taking a look at the No Excuse Mom website, where women of all shapes and fitness levels are featured and celebrated. But given Kang's highly personal, often polarizing approach, the "What's your excuse?" challenge is sure to continue garnering its share of blamers and believers alike.

Via AllFacebook.

New photo posted by Maria Kang:

2013 photo posted by Maria Kang:

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