‘Un’ is a dirty word in Fallon’s Charter spots

7Up used to the "Uncola." The "Un" meant it was different, and you were different for drinking it—not as boringly assimilated as everybody else. Sure, it was a pitch to sell a soft drink, but at least it aspired to something beyond mundane normality. Now, we have Charter Communications, via Fallon, also using "Un," but taking the opposite tack. In these spots, "Un" (as in, non-Charter "unbundled" phone, Internet and cable) is a condition to be avoided at all costs. "Un" means you're anti-social, an outcast. "Un" = weirdo. "Un" = loser. Charter says we'd be happier, more productive members of society if we bundled our cable, Internet and phone and "undid the 'Un' " in our lives. Of course, it's actually Charter who'd be happier. We'd just watch more TV and avoid the real world even more. Which may be a good thing. There are lots of weirdos and losers out there!

—Posted by David Gianatasio