Umbro Animates '77 Blackout for New York Cosmos Collection

Umbro is coming out with its new Cosmos Blackout sportswear—a collection of black-on-black items celebrating the classic (and recently relaunched) New York soccer team of the 1970s. To promote it, the brand has released an animated video commemorating the New York City blackout of 1977. The video is narrated by Brazilian defender Carlos Alberto Torres, who happened to arrive in New York on the day of the blackout to sign with the team. It's a nice animation and a nice little memory. I find it interesting that the collection isn't shown. As far as I can tell from the website, it's a bunch of black polos, jackets, and T-shirts with black logos. So I guess there wasn't much to show. If you've gotta sell yet more black to New Yorkers, hinging the campaign on an authentic memory of one of the city's most historic days is a great way to go. UPDATE: Anomaly, the agency for Umbro, created this video and is also a partner in the planned relaunch of the Cosmos. The partners hope the team can eventually join Major League Soccer.