Um, Did Pop Secret Just Make the Worst Commercial of the Year?

It's like a sad, seizure-inducing nightclub for corn

You can almost picture the meeting that led to this ad.

"OK, we need to get millennials to like our popcorn. What are they into? What kind of ad would Miley make? You think we can get the popcorn to twerk?" The plan, obviously, was to have a cool EDM track playing over a kind of extended brand Vine taking place in a microwave—er, MicroRave (get it?)—in what looks like a Brooklyn back alley.

The result is that you'd think the "secret" in Pop Secret was ecstasy in every bag. The slow motion. The butter-grease-sweat. The weird and sad queue of kernels waiting to get in.

Some viewers feel there's a low-fi charm to the ad. And the agency, Deutsch/LA, points out the context for the spot: "This wasn't intended as an ad, but as a quickie video for social media meant to celebrate the EDC festival happening the weekend we launched it."

You be the judge. And consider this your photosensitive epilepsy trigger warning.

Via Ads of the World.

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