U.K. Specsavers ads are worth a closer look

U.K. optician chain Specsavers doesn't have an ad agency. And let's hope they never hire one, because their commercials, created in-house, are so consistently amusing, they're developing a well-earned cult following overseas. One of the current ads, above, called "Cover Up," uses advertising itself as a backdrop. The competition is represented by a ruthless boss and haggard flunky who do their darndest to obliterate Specsavers' ads. The bits include snipping a promotional balloon from a little girl in a park, nonchalantly carting off a one of the chain's mall workers and blotting out London high-rise and bus banners. There's a nice touch at the end, in keeping with the ad theme, as the Specsavers' logo takes its revenge. Below is another cute spot with an older couple who are unaware that they've boarded a rollercoaster because they didn't go to Specsavers. It's an eye-opening campaign, to say the least. (And really, that's the least clever thing I could say. The ads are much better!)

—Posted by David Gianatasio