U.K. sees if outdoor ads can piss people off

"Career women make bad mothers." That controversial headline and others launched Monday on bus, billboard and poster ads across the U.K., directing people to BritainThinks.com, where they can discuss various "hot topics." What's the point? To prove that outdoor advertising can drive response. The whole thing was concocted by the Outdoor Advertising Association and ad agency Beta. Talk about stirring the pot for no good reason! One of the other banners reads, "1966. It won't happen this year," a reference to England's chances of winning the World Cup again. That will probably generate more rage than the mums poster. (Mums is what they call moms over there!) The campaign might well prove the power of the medium to sell eggs, as people shell double-deckers to express their disapproval.

—Posted by David Gianatasio