U.K. football fans are bloody animals

The World Cup is coming, and at least one U.K. advertiser is being blatantly honest about this: English football fans are animals. Check out this energetic TV spot for Sure Sport for Men showing a city overrun with wild beasts, all hyped up into a frenzy about football, about to tear one another limb from limb. (The ad was created by Lowe London, and directed by Noam Murro. The tagline is, “Extreme protection that lets you go wild.”) As part of its larger campaign, Sure Sport for Men is also looking for the U.K.’s wildest football fan, which should be a fun task. (Just look for the empty bottles of Tesco’s vodka at his feet.) Hooligan culture has been a blight on England for eons—a “hideous excrescence on our civilization,” as the Times of London once put it. Now, it seems, it might even be something to celebrate.

—Posted by Tim Nudd