Ugh, John Cleese Does ‘Faulty Showers’ Ad

Is John Cleese in danger of becoming the Ed McMahon of adland? If so, he's screwed because Ed is dead. (As Ed himself would say, hi-yo!) But seriously, McMahon spent the last few years of his life slumming in crappy ads to pay the bills, and now the beloved and brilliant Brit comic Cleese appears to be headed the same way. No idea if Cleese needs the cash, but here he reprises his befuddled-buffoon act in a tepid "Faulty Showers" spot by McCann Erickson for AA's Home Emergency Response service in England. What would the young, rebellious Cleese, at the height of his powers in the early 1970s, say if he could see the depths to which his septuagenarian self has sunk? He'd probably say: "Oh my god, I've traveled ahead in time!" Hi-yo! Via Campaign.

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