Uber Sets Up a Curbside Breathalyzer, Drives You Home If You’re Over the Limit

'You drink, we drive' in Toronto

Drunk-driving messaging is a naturally fruitful creative area for any taxi or car-service company, and Uber has produced a very cool campaign around the topic with this curbside breathalyzer in Toronto.

A sidewalk kiosk—dreamed up by agency Rethink and built by design and fabrication studio Stacklab—functions as a typical breathalyzer. You blow through a disposable straw for six seconds, and it analyzes the alcohol content in your breath. If you're over the legal limit, it offers you a ride home. (The people seen in the video got free rides, in fact.)

"We want to ensure a safe, reliable and affordable ride home is available to everybody, especially late at night when drunk driving is most common and can be avoided," says Ian Black, general manager of Uber Toronto.

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