Two Men Dressed as Turds Emerge From Butt to Tell You About Dude Wipes

Booming category's dirty work

UPDATE: A lawyer for Rob Dyrdek, who stars in the video below with Christopher "Big Black" Boykin, says it was made for Dyrdek's MTV show Fantasy Factory and was never intended to be a Dude Wipes ad campaign. Dude Wipes uploaded the video to YouTube and Facebook without permission, the lawyer says, and have since taken the content down.

Original story below:

Meet Plip and Plop, the anthropomorphized piles of feces who star in this ad for Dude Wipes. After exiting a giant butt crack with some unsavory jets of brown liquid and plopping into a pool below, Plip and Plop let us know what's up. If you want a clean butt, you need to use Dude Wipes. Your asshole will thank you—as he does in this highly sharable video.

And young dudes probably will share it, because it shows grown men dressed as turds and falling into a pool in the name of a product hilariously called Dude Wipes. Dude Wipes are exactly what they sound like: baby wipes in masculine packaging that aim to protect the fragile male ego from the shame of purchasing pre-moistened toilettes with a picture of Winnie the Pooh on the box.

There's nothing unique about the wipes themselves, but sometimes you have to sell the category in order to sell the product. Coincidentally, America is pretty sold on the category right now, with adults creating a huge boost in baby-wipe sales as popular opinion shifts to suggest mere toilet paper isn't enough.

According to Mintel, wipe sales grew 23 percent from 2008 to 2013. But this sudden uptake in butt-crack hygiene is also clogging sewage systems across the nation, as lazy-ass Americans have taken to flushing their non-flushable wipes right down the crapper.

So, if you require a refreshing Dude Wipe to tame the devilment of Plip and Plop, toss it in the trash after you're done. Don't let it dance around in the pool like the unnamed wipe in this ad. Remember, dudes don't let dudes flush their Dude Wipes.

UPDATE: The two guys playing the turds are Rob Dyrdek and Christopher "Big Black" Boykin, best known for their MTV reality series Rob & Big. Check out this MTV post for more on how they got involved with Dude Wipes.