Tween Clothing Brand Ripped Over Girl’s Topless Ads

Supre, a popular tween-focused fashion retailer in Australia and New Zealand, is pulling ads amid complaints that its new campaign is too sexy. In print and transit ads and on billboards, a topless model—her long hair covering her breasts in one iteration—touts skin-tight "jeggings," a jeans-leggings combo. I can just imagine an Aussie kid staring wide-eyed at that image plastered across a bus, asking, "Daddy, what are those?" There'd be an awkward pause before Dad answers, "Those are jeggings, son." A TV spot shows the jeggings-clad model (top on, natch, but bare midriff workin') jumping up, down and all around. She strokes her butt and flounces around in bed. She cavorts with an electric guitar. But for blissfully mindless entertainment, the real gem is the "making of" video (posted after the jump). In perhaps the most inane two minutes ever filmed, some dude instructs the model on how to gyrate, shimmy and carry the guitar. Man, I want his job.