Turn your tweets into lovely wrapping paper

Prediction: We will see a ton of Twitter applications as part of holiday campaigns this year. Samsung is getting in on the act with a tool created by The Barbarian Group. The Tweet Wrap app allows you to turn your tweets—or others' tweets mentioning holiday terms—into wrapping paper. The app is pretty slick, with six different templates as options. The end result is a little befuddling, however. The first time around, I create wrapping paper with tweets I wrote making fun of Tumblr, posting links to AdFreak and complaining about PR people. I'm sure my nieces and nephews will enjoy that. Next, I tried a holiday theme and got tweets from random strangers who had appended the #merryxmas hashtag. Not exactly thrilling. The good news: Samsung is willing to send actual wrapping paper to the first 3,000 users of the app.